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Key Announcements

In partnership with leading organisations, CATOS organises activities and events to galvanise broad research and practitioner communities and advance the development of the OTS programme. These activities include Open Grant Call, Technology Challenges, Workshops, Forums, etc. Here are the key activities announced to date.

15 May 2024

OTS Forum

Stay tuned for more details.

31 January 2024

Online Safety Prize Challenge

CATOS is pleased to be AI Singapore's Supporting Partner in the organisation of the Online Safety Prize Challenge (OSPC): Low-Resource Detection of Harmful Memes with Social Bias. Launched on 31 January 2024, this 10-week competition aims to advance AI research in developing models to discern between benign and harmful memes relevant to Singapore's diverse societal background and digital landscape. Click here for more details via the OSPC website.

1 November 2023

Launch of OTS Open Grant Call

CATOS launched the OTS Open Grant Call for Deep Tech Research Proposals and Solutions on 1 November 2023. The objective is to invite research proposals to enhance technological capabilities and pipeline in three themes: Prevention, Early Detection, and Mitigation and Empowerment. Click here for more details.

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